Behaviour and Menstruation?!

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(the pupils’ or the staffs’ …)

A teacher once said to me:

“I have a pupil who used to be known for behaviour. 

She’s pretty much got it sorted now, only once a month she seems to lose it again, I can’t work out the pattern…”

(Menstruation) Knowledge is power. 

I am a graduate of the Red School Menstruality Leadership Programme – and have collaborated with Red School for nearly a decade. 

What they have taught me has revolutionised how I treat myself, my diary, how I approach teaching, and how I support my menstruating pupils.

Last month I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Visionaires for their podcast on conversation in and around Menstruality and education.

I share:

  •  the radical approach of Menstrual Cycle Awareness – and how this can solve many physical, emotional and mental issues menstruating people have with their cycles.
  • how we can use this inbuilt self-care tool in a world that doesn’t have much room for it – especially in schools
  • how staff and pupils can use Menstrual Cycle Awareness to support learning
  • how non-menstruating people can benefit from Menstrual Cycle Awareness
  • a map for menstruating people to navigate their own cycles and use it for self care, productivity and empowerment.
  • a free resource to track your cycle

Listening time – 45mins approx.

Listen to the podcast on PodBean (and subscribe).

All of my work and knowledge around Menstruality is directly from my training with Red School, founded by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo-Wurlitzer – check out their book, Wild Power.

I am thrilled to say that they are also now ready to share their work on Menopause.

Would you like a workshop or online training for your school about Menstruality, for the staff, for the pupils, how your school community work with it?  – Contact me here.


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