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With the Behaviour Programmes you receive customised training that provides practical tools, research, solutions and inspiration for your education organisation – that can be used first thing Monday morning and last thing Friday afternoon… Each programme has an important consultation session included, which enables me to understand exactly what you need to support your staff and improve the behaviour and learning for your students.

Which programme suits you best?

Beyond Behaviour Programme

The Beyond Behaviour Programme has been created for education organisations that require a deep dive into understanding and transforming your behaviour approaches, policies and ethos. It is a long-term programme that delivers an overall, long-lasting improvement in staff’s confidence in dealing with challenging behaviour, student behaviour and an increased focus on learning. Aspects of behaviour can be investigated and re-modelled in consultation with your organisation’s wider community; including all staff, students, parents/carers and governors. The key to the Beyond Behaviour programme is the Behaviour Action Plan (BAP) which I facilitate in consultation with Senior Leadership, 2-5 Key Staff and students. The BAP becomes a game plan for the specific needs of your organisation; it can be easily implemented, monitored and evaluated for progress throughout.

Carried out over an 8-12 month time period, the Beyond Behaviour Programme offers the most lasting and far reaching results for your organisation.

  • Initial 60 min consultation with Senior Leadership team
  • 3 x day-long trainings for all staff
    • Day 1 – What’s going on? – An investigation into current behaviour issues: the problems, effects on staff and student wellbeing and a collective vision for transformation.
    • Day 2 – Let’s get specific – Training for staff based on targets on the Behaviour Action Plan; examples include: how to support ASC pupils, how to support LAC, rewards and consequences, behaviour in specific situations
    • Day 3 – How are we doing? – An examination into how the Behaviour Action Plan is working – where the holes are, what still needs doing and future steps.
  • 1 Day observation/audit of your organisation – includes learning walks, resource and display audits, separate student and staff focus groups, survey.
  • Creation of a Behaviour Action Plan
  • 3 x 90 min coaching/training sessions for Key Staff
  • Consultation/improvements on behaviour policies
  • 2 x 30 min coaching calls (via skype) for each member of Key Staff
  • Unlimited email support for Key Staff
  • 60 min Evaluation session with Senior Leadership, Key Staff and students

*Programme Bonus* – 1 – 11⁄2 hr Consultation open evening with parents/carers/governors*

Fee: £9225 – Payable in instalments

Breakthrough Behaviour Programme

The Breakthrough Behaviour Programme is for education organisations wanting to understand the root of your behaviour issues, receive targeted, practical training and support staff’s confidence in dealing with challenging behaviour, improve student behaviour and increase the focus on learning. With the consultation and investigation time within the training, we ensure that the programme fits your organisation’s specific needs and requirements around behaviour. The training is partnered with the Behaviour Action Plan (BAP) which gives 3-5 areas of focus for staff, that can be easily implemented, monitored and evaluated for progress. I work closely with the Link Staff member to support the process throughout.

Carried out over a 2-3 month time period the Breakthrough Behaviour Programme provides structure and support for your staff in relation to behaviour.

  • Initial 45 min consultation with Senior Leadership staff/Link staff member
  •  1 x full day training:
    • AM – Investigation into current behaviour issues: the problems, effects on staff and student wellbeing and a collective vision for transformation, resulting in a Behaviour Action Plan
    • PM – Specific training around key areas identified by Link staff member (e.g. working with students with ASC, LAC, working with students with challenging behaviour in specific situations)
  • 1 x half-day observation of staff and pupils in situ, to create targeted feedback OR half-day specific training in areas identified in the BAP
  • 1 x half-day training:
    • Day 2 – How are we doing? – A reflection on how the Behaviour Action Plan is working – where the holes are, what still needs doing and what needs to continue.
  • Creation of a Behaviour Action Plan
  • 10-15 support emails for Link Staff member
  • 45min Evaluation session with Link Staff member

*Programme Bonus* – 30 min midway support call (via skype or phone) for Link staff member

Fee: £2275

Behaviour Blitz one-off training

These trainings are for organisations who have a specific area of interest, or who want support for a specific group of staff within the organisation. In a 20 min consultation with the Link Member of Staff, we devise a customised day that will deliver targeted results for your staff and students. Each topic can be designed either as a half-day blitz, delivering key knowledge, experience and latest research or as a full-day blitz, where additionally staff can investigate and share their own practice and find specific solutions. We play, try new things, get a different perspective, listen, learn – and by the end have a practical action list to implement first thing next lesson.

A one-off training for staff in one of the following areas:

  • Behaviour Management in the Classroom
  • Equality and Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Reading and Extended Writing for students with EBD/SEMH or How do you get them to pick up a book?
  • Who are SEMH students and why can’t they behave?
  • Whole school approach to supporting students with Behavioural Needs
  • Finland and Inclusive Education – how on earth do they do it?
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools
  • Education and Menstruation Empowerment – for all

*Training Bonus* Free access to 3 of my teaching resources worth up to £48

Fee: One full-day CPD training = £975  | Half-day (up to 3 hrs) CPD training = £675

One-to-one Bitesize Behaviour Sessions

For individuals to tackle and resolve a specific behaviour situation. Transform the dread and frustration into clear, practical strategies that build a strong foundation for learning, I offer 45 minute “Bitesize Behaviour Sessions in which we examine your current situation (whether individuals or whole class) and brainstorm practical solutions that enable you to fully support your students come Monday morning AND Friday afternoons!

A One-to-one Bitesize Behaviour Session includes:

  • A diagnosis questionnaire for me to clearly understand your situation
  • A 45 min skype or phone call
  • A brief summary of the call outlining your action steps

*Session Bonus* Free access to my How to work with students with challenging behaviour mini-training worth £10

Fee: £65

Does it all work? – Yes.

For programmes, trainings and one-to-one sessions to work there is a secret key:

You need to be totally dedicated to your young people.

I want you to stop reading for just one moment to ask yourself, “What is a learning focused classroom/environment worth to me? What would I gain in my practice if I could create this consistently? How much extra time would my staff and I have if we didn’t need to worry (and how much more sleep could I get?!) What could we do with that extra time? What you’re getting with my programmes is what I call a series of, sometimes very personal, revelations that will spring your teaching practice forward!

As educators – in the midst of marking, ofsted and parents/carers’ evenings we forget who we’re really there for. Some of my approaches and tasks will involve you daring to try new things and holding your own through challenging moments – make this commitment, expect to fail sometimes – get back on the horse, and remember the huge impact you can make on a young person’s life.

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