Behaviour Tip for School Leaders & Teachers remote working

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“Recognise the difference between stress behaviour and misbehaviour.” 

Dr. Stuart Shanker

Whether you’re a School Leader supporting staff or a teacher supporting pupils, in this week’s vlog find out how this thinking can help you with your remote working today.

“Are your staff purposely trying to defy you and make things more difficult? Or do they not have the bandwidth – literally with the internet or with their emotional health?”

Watch the video to find out more.

For more detailed solutions to supporting challenging behaviour grab some online CPD on behaviour with my 6 part mini-training – £15.

Suitable as Personal CPD for teaching staff and homeschooling parents/carers 
Activities/Discussion points for all staff meetings or bulletins.

For Teaching

Free Video Series:
How to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom.


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For Leaders & Policy Makers

Free Video Series:
How to support teachers to manage challenging behaviour.


When you request these videos you’ll also receive emails and offers from Adele.



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