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“As you will hear, Adele has had a varied career, from hip-hop opera singer to one of the country’s leading experts on behaviour, having worked in mainstream schools and alternative provision centres.”

Last month I was interviewed by the fabulous Craig Barton, whose podcast, Mr Barton Maths Podcast, is a valuable CPD resource for all teachers and educators. He asked me some of my favourite questions to date, including “what is your biggest failure?” and “what is your favourite number?” – as a Maths Teacher by trade, the podcast began years ago with a Maths focus, but has grown to encompass all aspects of teaching. Since the podcast aired I have found myself with a large increase of Maths Teachers in my community – hello to you all!

One of the most important discussions we had was around binary approaches and debates:

Black or White?

Traditional or Progressive?

Zero Tolerance or Emotional Understanding?

– As I explain in the interview, I am a “recovering black-and-white-thinker” – and gosh is it more useful for our pupils.

The ongoing debate surrounding behaviour, schools’ approaches to it and the twitter-battlefield that can ensue are just. Not. That. Useful. – in the podcast we discuss what we can do.

Other topics covered:

  • All things behaviour
  • Tips for helping teachers to get a sense of the room at the start of the lesson
  • How might teachers deal with a disruptive child who is hindering the learning of others, whilst at the same time allowing for the root cause of the behaviour?
  • Is the debate between advocates of zero-tolerance and those at the other end of the spectrum really as wide as it may seem?
  • And then something particularly timely… how will behaviour have been affected by the pandemic and how might this play out in classrooms?

Listen to the podcast here. – (approximately 2hrs 15mins).

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