With my second school visit under my belt, my head around the main points and differences between Finland and the UK, I have been able to find many surprising similarities, and have even found the odd thing about the British system that I think works better!

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Week 2 Finland Education Trip Reflections: The Similarities!

Video 2 – Finland Schools: staff structure, leadership & wages

Parent/Carer Involvement

The parent/carer involvement seems, on the whole, similar to the UK: in Primary and Early Years parents and carers take a more active role in the child’s education. By Secondary, Grade 5 here, it is more patchy. In some schools there is a PTA, but their only involvement tends to be fundraising and refreshments for school events. In general, teaching is a highly regarded profession, what with the 5 years of compulsory training required (see Teaching in Finland) and there seems to be a level of trust that school knows what it is doing. That said, much like in the UK, there are always some parents who are less involved in their child’s education than would be useful and, in contrast, parents/carers who contact teachers regularly sometimes causing an unnecessary larger workload for teachers. 

In general the parents/carers contact the teachers directly.

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