The one thing that makes the biggest difference with Behaviour

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Since we’ve been able to again, I have been travelling up and down the country enjoying meeting some of you and leading Behaviour training in schools…

…the most common feedback I get is along the lines of this:

“Can you come back?!”

And it’s not surprising.

We talk about consistency being the most important thing for behaviour with our pupils. (You can see my blog post on this here).

But in order to create that consistency for others, we first need to be supported to do it for ourselves. We all know how fired up we can be after some great training – next day in the classroom the pupils don’t know what’s hit them as we inter-weave every new theory we’ve just learnt before we’ve even taken the register.

Then what happens the following week?

The following half term?

By the end of the year?

Our intentions are usually good, but there’s staff sickness we’re covering in our PPA time, there’s school trips that need organising, a new behaviour policy and marking policy out at the same time that we need to re-adjust to, one of our pupils went into care and we haven’t been able to engage them since, 9FR have gone wappy since the last lockdown – and our good intentions of preventative behaviour strategies have all but dissolved, as we find ourselves leaning back once again onto tired tools that turn us into the type of teachers we’d swear we’d never become – shouty, naggy, ‘it’s your time your wasting not mine.’

So what’s the solution? Wait until the next INSET day training? Wait until budgets, governors and the stars align?

I hear this story regularly.

This is why I have created an ongoing behaviour support in the form of:

The “We give a sh*t” Behaviour Membership

The 12 month Behaviour Membership to empower educators to engage all of your pupils (even the ones who don’t give a sh*t)

To find out more and join today click here.


The “We give a sh*t” Behaviour Membership is the accompanying membership to my recently published book, “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools. 

Throughout the year we will cover 3 Key Areas to support you with challenging behaviour:

1. “Miss, do you live in this classroom?
– How to beat overwhelm, stress and frustration when it comes to behaviour SO THAT you can feel relaxed and enthusiastic about teaching again.

2. “Miss, you don’t even know me” – Find out why some pupils just won’t behave, and what to do about it SO THAT you don’t have to dread teaching certain pupils or classes, and can give attention to the other 29 pupils too.

3. “Miss, do you even know what you’re doing?” – Learn how to build positive relationships and establishing ongoing boundaries with the most tricky classes across and pupils SO THAT you can feel confident about teaching all your pupils and focus on the learning.


PLUS as a member of the “We don’t give a sh*t” Behaviour Membership you will receive:


A monthly Workshop on the month’s theme, relating back to one of the book’s chapters.

(Value £500)

A monthly Behaviour Challenge with resources and support to carry out – all designed with little-to-zero planning and marking needed!

(Value £125)

Bi-monthly Guest Speakers, such as: Anju Handa, Frederika Roberts, Bukky Yusuf, Ann-Marie Oliver, Kate McAllister and more…’

(Value £1000+)

Weekly Behaviour Boost prompts in your inbox

(Value £325)

An ongoing online community of fellow Inspiring Educators (on a non-facebook platform, whoop!)




🌟 25% off your copy of “We don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools (Full cost £19.99)

🌟 Free Access to my online 3-Part Masterclass Series: How to manage behaviour that challenges in the classroom (Value £85)

🌟 Free Access to the bank of challenge, workshop and guest speaker events every month (Priceless)


Find out more information and join the “We give a sh*t” Behaviour Membership here

I look forward to welcoming you as part of the community.

Engage with challenging behaviour in your school and support staff effectively;

For Teaching

Free Video Series:
How to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom.


When you request these videos you’ll also receive emails and offers from Adele.


For Leaders & Policy Makers

Free Video Series:
How to support teachers to manage challenging behaviour.


When you request these videos you’ll also receive emails and offers from Adele.



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