Engage with challenging behaviour in your school and support staff effectively, so that all* your pupils can learn

(*yep, even Mo who is currently sat on the roof – again)

“Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools

 – Adele’s much-anticipated first book, due out with Sage & Corwin Publishers Autumn 2021.

This book offers an in-depth, detailed and nuanced overview of the subject of behaviour, with a particular focus on building relationships, helping pupils to feel safe and on teacher self-care. It is a must read book for all teachers.

Sue Cowley

Teacher Trainer & Author

“Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools

You want to make a positive difference to all of your pupils’ lives and help lift their aspirations, so that even the ones with challenging behaviour can find enjoyment at school – and make academic progress…
…and it would also be great to get a lunchbreak once in a while..

I empower school leaders and teachers like you to support pupils with behavioural needs and SEMH to thrive with their education.

(So you can concentrate on teaching and get your weekends back)

I recently featured as an expert on Teenagers & Behaviour for BBC Radio 4’s comedy programme: Girl Stuck in Basketball – which became Comedy of the Week.

Play the video below to listen to the extract.

Or click here to listen to the full programme, approx listening time 30mins (it did make my Mum chuckle).

To get more support on your teens and their behaviour, grab my instantly available Masterclass Series: Teenagers! here.


For Teaching Staff

Free Video Series: How to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom.


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For Leaders & Policy Makers

Free Video Series: How to support teachers to manage challenging behaviour.


When you request these videos you’ll also receive emails and offers from Adele.


I’ve had juice poured on my head, been whacked by a skateboard – and have taught a year 7 pupil who has experienced severe trauma, how to read their first ever word…

 Adele Bates, Behaviour & Education Specialist and Keynote Speaker

My vision for education is one in which all differences are included and welcomed; an education which is flexible, relevant and leads towards positive social change.

I’m Adele, an International Behaviour and Education Specialist, Keynote Speaker and forthcoming author of “Miss, I Don’t Give A Sh*t,” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools,

In 2019, I was awarded a full grant to carry out an educational research trip in Finland to observe, teach, interview and learn about the Finnish Education System’s inclusive approach to education.

I deliver training and keynotes for educational events, schools and organisations across Europe, including TEDx 2020, the National Education Union and Amnesty International. I have featured on BBC Radio 4 as an expert in my field. I am the Educational Associate for Trauma Inform and an Associate on Behaviour with Independent Thinking. 

My business is 4 years old and regularly donates to educational and child-centred charities.

“Adele has an expert knowledge, her inclusive and aspirational practice has supported pupils with SEMH needs to make good progress because they are motivated and secure in their learning”

Louise Zahra

School Intervention Team Manager | Families, Children and Learning (Education Standards and Achievement) | Brighton and Hove City Council

“Adele fosters a safe, fun environment for students with SEMH; she has delivered high quality training to all staff – which had very positive feedback.  Adele has promoted literacy activities across the Alternative Provision school including photo opportunities, extended writing competitions, staff reading and school trips for our students.”

Louise Cook

Executive Headteacher | The Central Hub

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