Passthemic #2

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Behaviour in our schools is affected by many things; one of the key aspects is how much our young people (and staff) feel they belong and are included in our communities. This affects how safe they feel, how comfortable they are to try (and fail) and keep going as they continue to learn new things.

Inclusion is one of my core values in education, I see it succeed (and not) every day in education. As my mission statement states:

“My vision for education is one in which all differences are included and welcomed; education is flexible, relevant and leads towards positive social change.” 

As such, this blog post is the second in the #passthemic series, in which I share my platform and magnify the voices of the educators in my community who are different from me, to enable us to keep learning for our pupils and a more inclusive education.

Bukky Yusuf is a senior leader, science teacher, coach and ambassador for Leadership Matters. She has undertaken a number of leadership roles within the mainstream, working for over 20 years in various schools; more recently she has transferred her skills over to special schools. Bukky is a Network Leader and qualified coach for WomenEd, BAMEEd and SLTchat, where she supports a diverse range of school leaders. She also champions the wellbeing of educators through the #Teacher5ADay initiative and is widely involved in the EdTech world.

I began collaborating with Bukky last year as part of the Education Wellbeing Collective #EdWellColl. Our collective has gone on to create The Big Book of Wellbeing, due out with Sage & Corwin at the end of 2021, of which Bukky was one of the Editors. After chairing with Bukky on an EdWellColl panel,her enthusiasm, vast expertise and fun made me want to work with her more! I am proud to say, she is now a contributor to my forthcoming book, “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour Schools.

Follow Bukky on Twitter @rondelle10_b

To book Bukky for speaking or coaching, check out her website here. 

And to grab her on her Youtube channel full of useful and entertaining edu-videos watch and subscribe here.

Laura McConnell is a keynote speaker, writer, Neurodiversity and disability campaigner, and improvement consultant. As Scottish ADHD Coalition describes, “Personal as well as professional experience gives Laura particular insight into how fellow teachers can support pupils with ADHD.”

You can hear Laura on the radio every weekend on Teacher Hug Radio presenting ‘Representation Matters’, a disability focused interview show, and you will also find Laura’s writing in a variety of publications connected to education and healthcare, including TES. In 2021, Laura was featured in BBC Scotland’s News Report Call for commissioner to fight for autism and learning disability rights. She is a member of the Scottish Reference Group for National Autistic Society Scotland, part of the development group for DisabilityEd UK and on the Advisory group for (National Development Team for inclusion) on the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Autism and Learning Disability.

Laura’s particular interests include: Autism, ADHD, disability, accessibility, inclusion, trauma/PTSD, homelessness, and issues connected to single parents.

She is currently working on a book around Accessible Education.

Laura is part of my twitter-community (PLN?), someone I regularly turn to for expert advice concerning Autism and ADHD

Follow Laura on Twitter @LauraFMcConnell

To find out more about her work and to book her for speaking or training, follow her website here.


To read #Passthemic 1 click here.

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