One-to-one Behaviour Consultation


Transform the dread and frustration into clear, practical strategies that build a strong foundation for learning

For individuals to tackle and resolve a specific behaviour situation

Get a 1hr One-to-One Behaviour Consultation in which we examine your current situation:

  • They just won’t be quiet so you can teach?
  • You know they’re great with other staff – but you just can’t seem to get on with them? – it feels so personal?
  • There’s one *particular* pupil who is getting under your skin?
  • Your stomach churns every time you see 8FR on your timetable?
  • There are teaching assistants in your school who are avoiding the one-to-one pupils they’re supposed to be supporting?
  • You regularly have teachers telling you that behaviour is becoming the main reason they can’t teach in your school?
  • You’re a parents or carer who keeps getting that call about your child and you feel lost in how to support your child with school?

In this session I give you practical solutions that enable you to fully support your students (and staff) come Monday morning AND Friday afternoons!

A One-to-one Behaviour Consultation includes:

  • A diagnosis questionnaire for me to clearly understand your situation, so that we can get to solutions quickly during the session
  • A 1hr zoom or phone call, so that I can provide solutions for your particular challenges
  • A brief summary of the call outlining your action steps, so that you can refer back to our discussion keep yourself focused on improving the situation – and re-gaining your peace of mind!

It is suitable for:

  • SLT and Governors for advice on whole-school approaches
  • Individual teachers or teaching assistants on specific classes or pupils
  • Parents and Carers.

*Bonus* Free access to my How to work with students with challenging behaviour mini-training worth £15

Fee: £65

“Thought provoking with practical ideas

Secondary Teacher

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