“You talk on such important subjects, so passionately! We should be doing more of this in schools”

Head of Pastoral, Varndean School

“Inspiring workshop that has directly affected my planning and teaching. I am now thinking very differently than I did before this session. It really is a case of needing to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand their issues. Thank you.”

Lorna Monroe - Teacher Participant at Practical Pedagogies Conference Cologne 2018

Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Training Day

Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Training Day

“Adele acted as an education consultant for us, when we were planning a site specific reading intervention for young people in Years 10/11. Before the consultation we lacked clarity around the expectations of the National Curriculum and also how to pitch this sort of project to young people for whom reading was a challenge.consultation.  Adele had some great ideas, after we were much more confident about how to deliver the project.”

Sarah Hutchings - Director, Collected Works CIC

“Very child-friendly way to teach a difficult subject. This has been perfect for my Year 7 SEND setting.”

Teacher, Yr 7 Sex & Relationships SOW

Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Training Day 

A facilitated Student Consultation between Brighton & Hove Librarians and Patcham High School Students

“I think the training you gave today was remarkable and is going to make such a marked difference to our service. I feel more confident approaching young people, building relationships with them and making clear, kind requests. I have a clearer understanding as to the boundaries of my role and feel empowered to make a difference in their lives.”

Jess – Librarian. Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Participant

“You have cured me of my phobia of teenagers!”

Andrea – Librarian. Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Participant

Speaker at Toucan Education Conference; topic ‘SEN, Anxiety and Behaviour’ 

Workshop at Practical Pedagogies Conference, Cologne, topic: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom 

“Invaluable, unlike any other training I’ve had. It surpassed my expectations – I’ve got so many new ideas. Normally after training you feel really tired but I feel really enthusiastic! – Thanks!”

Jo – Community Engagement Coordinator. Breakthrough Behaviour Programme Participant

“Thank for speaking, it really resonated with a lot of the issues we face in my school, lots to think about and implement!”

Miss M N Nicholson - Toucan Education Conference

Behaviour Conference, Optimus Education

“Great speaker and easy to listen to, excellent presentation with useful tips”

“Entertaining and informative, thought provoking with practical ideas”

“Useful information, great content re trauma informed practice” (Trauma and Triggers Workshop)

Participants, Behaviour Conference, Optimus Education

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