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During lockdown I was honoured to help form and join the Education Wellbeing Collective.

We are a group of teachers, heads and consultants who are supporting and championing the evolution of wellbeing in schools and their communities.

On the practical side we are offering resources, training and support for schools in these strange education times. We are also coming together to share free discussion panels on a variety of wellbeing topics.

For all our latest goings on check out the Education Wellbeing Collective website, our Facebook page and #EdWellColl on Twitter.

But this is just a small part.

We are also a network of open collaborators who put children and staff’s wellbeing first. We practice this first with ourselves – we have been supporting one another during lockdown, attending regular meet-ups and check-ins, sharing one another’s work, contacts and ideas.

The championing part is our contribution to the discussion on school’s wellbeing, with schools, the department of education, unions, MPs and our government – particularly at the moment in regards to lockdown and returning to school.

We are at the start, so keep an eye out for our goings on, and if you would like to get involved then get in touch.

We welcome educators of all kinds; all shapes, sizes and experience.

Education Wellbeing Collective

Our Values:

We are:

  • A collaborative group of wellbeing educators with compassion at the heart of what we do.
  • Looking to build relationships across education to offer action, and possible solutions to enhance the wellbeing needs of staff and pupils to improve learning and life chances.
  • Questioning the pre-lockdown educational status quo and are interested in quiet evolution.
  • Seeking to learn from each other, colleagues, parents and pupils;
  • Not claiming to have all the answers but
  • Happy to share the learning we know so it’s a little easier to see the best part and find the joy in education.

We are committed to enable educators to:

  • Provide information that is accurate and appropriate, that promote wellbeing and enables colleague take proactive action.
  • Build on real life experiences beliefs, skills and strategies that are trauma-aware.
  • Revisits themes and topics that challenge thinking, beliefs and extending pupils’ learning.
  • Find new, better and more appropriate curriculum models and outcomes that promote the wellbeing of pupils and staff.
  • Help children, young people and colleagues clarify their pro-social, pro-health values and beliefs; to extend and deepen knowledge, understanding, language and skills.
  • Offer interactive teaching styles that enable pupils to make emotional and intellectual connections with new learning.
  • Help children and young people to transfer learning across the curriculum and into their life outside school.
  • Develop ‘whole school’ approaches which model the values and behaviours that promote the physical, social, emotional and academic development of all members of the school community.
Don’t forget, we welcome educators of all kinds; all shapes, sizes and experience!

So if you you’d like to get involved then get in touch.


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