Workshops, Keynotes  and Staff Training


Keynotes, interactive workshops, trainings and talks on areas that involve students with Emotional Behavioural Difficulties.

“You talk on such important subjects, so passionately! We should be doing more of this in schools”

Head of Pastoral, Varndean School

I have had bottles of juice poured on my head, been whacked by a skateboard – and I have taught a year 7 pupil who has experienced severe trauma in their life, how to read their first ever word.

I love working and learning with these students; I am also a strong advocate for helping them be better understood and provided for.

In my conference talks and workshops I share these students’ experiences of learning – and for many, what they are battling with daily. I create a safe space for participants and audiences to put themselves in these students’ shoes; I provide fresh approaches and methods to successfully motivate the most challenging students;  and I empower my audiences and participants to understand how important inclusive education is for our students and society.


  • Behaviour Management in the Classroom
  • Equality and Inclusion in the Classroom
  • Reading and Extended Writing for students with EBD/SEMH or How do you get them to pick up a book?
  • Whole school approach to supporting students with Behavioural Needs
  • Finland and Inclusive Education –  how on earth do they do it?
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health in Schools
  • Education and Menstruation Empowerment  – for all

“Inspiring workshop that has directly affected my planning and teaching. I am now thinking very differently than I did before this session. It really is a case of needing to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand their issues. Thank you.”

Lorna Monroe - Teacher Participant at Practical Pedagogies Conference Cologne 2018


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