3-Part Full Masterclass Series: How to manage behaviour that challenges in the classroom


Re-find your confidence with behaviour, gain clarity on your approaches and get the practical next step for your classroom

In this Masterclass series questions are posed, personalised challenges set that bring both clarity and that oh-so-important-what-to-do-next-step-in-the-classroom.
I support teaching staff to peel back the icky bits, face the reality of challenging behaviour within the context of uncontrollable outside influence be that schoolwide behaviour policies, resources or Covid restrictions
You can re-find clarity and clear action steps for your classroom in a way that works for you.

1. You’ll learn how to build positive relationships with tricky pupils and classes, so you can save time and facilitate meaningful learning for everyone during a global pandemic.
2. You’ll learn how to create a truly inclusive atmosphere of belonging and manage your unconscious bias, so every pupil can progress with their learning.
3. You’ll understand why bad behaviour arises, so you don’t have to lose sleep over it anymore and build a toolkit to manage the most challenging situations, so that you can keep the who class focused on learning.
4. Throughout these teachings, I’ll share the top most challenging situations I’ve faced in the classroom, how I managed them and how you can use these tools.
5. Self-care – practical tools to stay healthy, inspired and make all this sustainable.

What is included in this Masterclass series? 3 x 1hr. 15min recorded sessions

  • Masterclass session one: Building positive relationships
    ‘Build positive relationships’ is a term that’s banded about a lot – this session shares exactly how to do it – yes, even with the slightly more *tricky* cherubs in your classroom SO THAT you can re-shift the focus to their learning.
  • Masterclass session two: Inclusivity, Belonging and Unconscious Bias
    Blended learning, split learning, distance learning, remote learning, oh – and the new pupil who’s just arrived, has English as a second language and doesn’t know anyone…this session focuses on how we create inclusive classrooms, SO THAT all of your pupils feel safe and welcomed enough to learn.
  • Masterclass session three: Understanding the needs behind the behaviour
    Behaviour that challenges the adults is not arbitrary – it comes from somewhere, and until we understand where, until we get to the root of it we will not be solving the issue, merely adding a plaster (or wet-paper-towel-if you’re in Early Years). This session explains how you can understand what the behaviour is communicating SO THAT you can do something about it.

“You ask questions and set challenges that were each so helpful.Thank you for the ideas and direct experiences you share, and the way that you share them! Thank you for your authenticity, energy, and positivity, and for how realistic, grounded and ‘human’ you are in your work with us!” – Assistant Headteacher, Primary

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