Adele Bates

Behaviour & Education Specialist

My vision for education is one in which all differences are included and welcomed; education is flexible, relevant and leads towards positive social change.

About Adele

Behaviour and Education Specialist

I am a teacher, speaker, writer and educator for students with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. With over 17 years’ experience, I teach these pupils in a variety of educational settings, train others to do so – in schools, universities and conferences, and advise on whole school approaches to supporting these students.
I am also a TEDx Speaker 2020 and a forthcoming author of “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t, published by Sage and Corwin.

“Adele has an expert knowledge, her inclusive and aspirational practice has supported pupils with SEMH needs to make good progress because they are motivated and secure in their learning”

Louise Zahra

School Intervention Team Manager | Families, Children and Learning (Education Standards and Achievement) | Brighton and Hove City Council

“Adele fosters a safe, fun environment for students with SEMH; she has delivered high quality training to all staff – which had very positive feedback.  Adele has promoted literacy activities across the Alternative Provision school including photo opportunities, extended writing competitions, staff reading and school trips for our students.”

Louise Cook

Executive Headteacher | The Central Hub

What about you?

You are passionate about education for all – especially those ‘hard to reach’, ‘tricky’ or damn right occasional $&!*s.

You have the best of intentions to be inclusive and differentiate in your classroom and school – but somewhere along the way it’s got a bit messy… you may be:

  • A school leader who is watching your students and staff become de-moralised over behaviour issues – resulting in a decreasing learning focus
  • A classroom teacher or teaching assistant with a particular class or pupil who is disrupting the learning – and giving you sleepless nights
  • A trainee or NQT, sometimes not even teaching your own class, and struggling to find a seemingly allusive behaviour management approach that works for you
  • A Homeschooling parent or carer – maybe you have been told that your pupil’s needs cannot be met by the school, you have been advised or chosen to homeschool or are in quarantine with your child who has specific behavioural needs

What you need right now are some targeted solutions; tried and tested techniques; some wider perspective, long-term thinking (as well as what to do first thing Monday morning); and maybe a little TLC yourself; in order to transform the current status quo of disrupted lessons, stressed teaching staff and the occasional broken window.


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The Latest On The Blog

The Power of Silence in the classroom – 5 tips on when and how to use it

The Power of Silence in the classroom – 5 tips on when and how to use it

Silence is often used (or attempted to be used) as a behavioural tool in schools on the premise that it encourages concentration and therefore learning, but we have to be careful: silence is a strategy that, if used unwisely, can create compliance – a very different result to focused learning – as the empty page will demonstrate at the end of the lesson.

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