You can engage pupils whose behaviour challenges you – even when they don’t give a sh*t

You can engage pupils whose behaviour challenges you – even when they don’t give a sh*t

“Miss, I don’t give a sh*t”
Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools – the book

“Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with Challenging Behaviour in Schools

‘This book offers an in-depth, detailed and nuanced overview of the subject of behaviour, with a particular focus on building relationships, helping pupils to feel safe and on teacher self-care. It is a must read book for all teachers, and will be particularly helpful for those working in the most challenging contexts, staff in alternative provision and those working with children who have SEND and SEMH.’

Sue Cowley

Internationally renowned teacher trainer and author of over 30 books on education’

Do you want to be the inspiring teacher and leader you dreamed of, even for the more *tricky* cherubs? Or maybe you just want to get through a lesson without a desk flying at you or a blazer being set alight?

Learn how to help pupils with behavioural needs to thrive with their education – find out what they really need when they tell you “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t.”

In her new book, “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t” Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools, Adele Bates, Behaviour and Education Specialist, shares practical approaches, strategies and tips from her on-the-ground, over 20 years of teaching experience. In her humorous and down to earth way, she gives you the tools to support young people with behavioural needs; not just so they can learn their timetables or pass an exam, but so that they too can become a part of positive social change.


Adele Bates has written a highly readable book brimming with practical ideas, exuberant optimism and encouragement of experimentation. She urges practitioners to see beyond the so-called bad behaviour to the human being in context. This is a book that celebrates the importance of reflection, empathy and care, including the all vital task of self-care.

Melissa Benn

Writer and Education Campaigner

Full of real-life scenarios, student voice and relevant theory, every chapter offers an Action Box – helping you to actually implement strategies – next lesson, next week and long term. Ideal for use in bookclubs or staff meetings.

In addition, each chapter contains a short interview with an expert in the field, covering topics such as inclusion, relationships, trauma, self-regulation, bias, colleagues, leadership. Interviewees: Frederika Roberts, Lisa Cherry, Dr Emma Kell, Pranav Patel, Kate McAllister, Rachel W, Frederique Lambrakis-Haddad, Mark Goodwin, Bukky Yusuf and Rachel Tomlinson.

PLUS – CPD training, online webinars or Q+A sessions based on the book or a specific topic from the book are available.

Package deals will soon be advertised – see below on how to be the first to know, or get in contact to make requests.

“A humorously-written book detailing all you need to know about creating effective relationships in the classroom and revolutionising the way we view teaching and learning.”

FJ King

Teacher and KS4 Lead

Adele has taught in mainstream primary and secondary, Pupil Referral Units, Alternative Provision and Special Schools. She supports school leaders, classroom teachers, homeschooling carers on all things behaviour. She has worked with Amnesty International Education, National Education Union, TES and many schools, colleges, libraries and local authorities across the country. She is a keynote and TEDx speaker.

“Adele’s writing is easy to engage with – witty yet poignant. ‘Don’t see the behaviour, see the child’ is key and the child is at the heart of this book. With ‘insults’, interviews, research and actions this book equips us with the understanding and tools we need to respond to challenging behaviour.”

Toria Bono

Primary Teacher and Evidence Lead Educator

Looking for a breath of fresh air when it comes to behaviour management? Look no further. With wit and wisdom, passion and compassion, Adele Bates not only puts the relationships between teacher and young person at the heart of the educational endeavour, but also gives that young person a voice.

Ian Gilbert

Founder, Independent Thinking

Where can I buy “Miss, I don’t give a sh*t”?

The book is now ready for pre-order!

I deeply encourage my readers to purchase the book from a company who pays their taxes and treats their staff ethically:

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