Managing challenging behaviour in the classroom.

How to manage challenging behaviour in the classroom – a free video Series for Teachers

You’ve tried to make them listen, you’ve shared your expectations, you’ve tried being strict…

… and it’s just not working.

You dread the lessons, your stomach churns as you try to plan ‘engaging’ work, oh wow – and now these *angels* are turning up in your dreams…

… it’s just not working.

Educating students with behavioural needs is challenging, it is very easy to let the one or two take over your lessons – and your mind, and it feels like a downwards spiral.

I absolutely know this, I’ve been there (and why is it always with a year 9 class?!).

I’ve had those moments when you feel like it’s your fault:

I’m not a good teacher
This isn’t my profession

But, I have also got out of this spot many times and helped others to do so too – it is absolutely possible.

There are many vital approaches and mindsets that can shift those toxic lessons into something tolerable – and even something you look forward to over time.

I couldn’t believe the first time I did this – it was such an achievement – the students actually wanted to come to my lessons!

In this video series I share three top tips on how to work with students and classes that have challenging behaviour.

I love working with these students and I love sharing this work; as a Mentor for trainees, visiting university lecturer, writer and speaker on Education and Behaviour, I support many teachers and educators in working with these very *special* students.

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