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“Everything is different.

Thank you to the world of education for keeping going.
Everything is the same.

The world of education needs new ideas, inspiration, challenge, support and a smile more than ever.

We’ve been taking people’s brains or a walk for over a quarter of a century, helping schools see that there’s always another way.

We’re not going to stop now.

Online. In print. In the flesh. It’s all good.”

From Independent Thinking, the education company that explain:

“Education, for us means learning what’s needed to play your part in making things better. After all, education should be as broad as it is long.”

I am thrilled to announce that I have become one of Independent Thinking’s People – an Associate – this means that I am part of a team of who has been providing extraordinary speakers to help schools change for over 25 years. Their word-of-mouth recommendations and long-going repeat business tells us something.

I’m there to bang my Behaviour drum.

To see my ITL profile click here –

To learn more about what ITL offers (especially during educational unrest) click here –

On 24th Feb 19.00 UK time I am leading a Webinar session Teenagers & Behaviour: What all teachers need to know

For more info and to book, click here –


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