I want to provide education and personal support for young people, aged 11-16yrs who have been excluded from the mainstream secondary education system.

The Problem:

Mainstream schools are increasingly under pressure to gain high results and therefore funding.  With the focus on this data they are ill-equipped to support students who have difficulties accessing learning for whatever reason (ADHD, EBD, SEND, EAL, PP etc.).  

This regularly results in these students falling out of focus, coasting, and sometimes being excluded.  48 000 pupils in Britain are now educated outside of mainstream education. 35 pupils a day are being excluded.  

Many of these students end up in Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) that were originally designed to be temporary places for students.  Pupils here often receive inferior education, with fewer qualified, permanent and specialist teachers, fewer resources and equipment. These students are more likely to end up in prison, crime, involved in substance abuse, than their mainstream counterparts,  and are unlikely to achieve the college requirements of 5 A*-C GCSEs (now Grade 5 +).

How I plan to solve it:

Create an alternative education organisation/school for excluded 11-16yr olds.  The focus is firstly on making pupils feel safe, included and happy at school. 

This is achieved through :

  • A combination of individual support from specialists such as counsellors and therapists.
  • Pupil instigated decision making on the school environment, learning and running of the school.
  • Integration of learning outside of the classroom (in nature, in workplaces, within the community, further afield…)

Students will be challenged to identify and action improvements to their education, own school community and society at large.

Why me:

I have taught for 17 yrs and have experienced first hand how limited mainstream education can be in supporting students who have difficulties accessing learning. 

My approach to learning is to create safety, equality, inclusion and happiness in the learning environment as a basis from which to learn.  I have been able to experiment with this approach in small ways and have witnessed the benefits it can have on a student’s learning.  I could only take this so far whilst still fulfilling my other necessary duties as a mainstream teacher.

I now want to build a school that has this approach as its foundation.

Next steps:

– Attend a course on Holacracy to learn about self-managed organisational structures and investigate how this would work in an education setting, with the pupils.

– A research trip to Finland to investigate their education system and which parts may be useful to emulate in my Future School.

– A research trip around the UK to investigate best practice.

-Investigate how to run and fund pilot projects.

What I need at this stage:

– Funding to carry out the above research.

– Contacts with schools and educators in Finland.

Get Involved:

If you have anything to add or would like to get involved at this stage please contact me.


– Thirty-five children a day are being permanently excluded – Pete Henshaw, Sec Ed  Oct 2017


– Defying Disaffection: How schools are winning the hearts and minds of reluctant students -Reva Klein, Trentham Books Ltd, June 2000


The services I offer support students with Emotional Behaviour Difficulties and those who work with them; those who are perhaps struggling day-to-day with behaviour, or those who need a fresh vision to moving forward.

I offer practical, step-by-step actions that are doable and easy to implement.

I work with these students because I choose to; I know what it’s like to be on the front-line – and I enjoy it – which means I also love to help motivate others to do the best they can for these students too.

Three areas of services I offer:

One-to-one Beyond Behaviour sessions.

Teaching Resources.

Workshops, talks and training.

or contact me if you have a request for something a little different...

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