A reminder and a plea.

Yes – it’s the summer holidays, you got there, you achieved lots – and oh there’s so much to look forward to…

…but please remember that there are pupils that you teach who may not be going home to a positive summer holidays, in fact for some it might be quite the opposite: there may not be the love, support, community and structure available to them for whatever reason.

You may have already felt the fall out from this, students who are not looking forward to the break may be feel angry, upset, frustrated, jealous, scared – and this might be showing up in their behaviour in your classroom. 

For ideas on how to manage challenging behaviour check out my two Free Video Series.

But for the summer holidays there are specific things you can do to help –

  1. Watch your language!
    • Rather than ‘have a great holiday’ switch the focus to ‘I’ll be thinking of you’ – perhaps link that to a specific memory you have with them, e.g. ‘every time I see a spider this holiday!’
    • Alternatively talk about the future – ‘looking forward to having you in my year 10 English class, I’ll get to teach you Dickens!’
  2. As a class/or school send vulnerable students a card half-way through the break, with similar messages from staff – reminding them that September is coming, and they will have a positive place to regularly be again. To receive this whilst away reminds the pupil that there are a host of people who care about them whilst they might be feeling isolated and lonely.
  3. Important – if you know of any students who you think may be in danger in any way during the break please let your Safeguarding Lead know. Young people have much less access to professional adults during this time.

Remember – it might not be just students who have a difficult holiday time, you may have colleagues who will unfortunately be experiencing this too.

Be mindful, be kind.

Meanwhile, I do hope that you are able to find some relaxation and replenishment yourself during the break.

Next blog/vlog will be on How can we actually switch off?!

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