“Miss, are you a lesbian?” Big Gay Adventures in Education

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LGBT+ History Month has come around again, and this time I am doubly celebrating as I am a Contributor to this new book, launched this month.

The official bit:

“Big Gay Adventures in Education is a collection of true stories by ‘out’ teachers, and students of ‘out’ teachers, all about their experiences in schools. The book aims to empower LGBT+ teachers to be the role models they needed when they were in school and help all teachers and school leaders to promote LGBT+ visibility and inclusion.”

The messy bit:

“Miss, are you a lesbian?” Becoming Bisexual

As an out bisexual teacher myself, engaged to a woman, it has been quite strange to sit and read about that fact in a book – published by Routledge.

Because, when I was going through those uncertainties of how to navigate my (newly found) sexual orientation with my teaching career, as a trainee, I honestly thought this was just my thing to deal with. I had no idea that some of the challenges I had were shared by others –

Is it bad to mention that I’m bisexual to pupils? It has the word sex in – that can cause a lot of distraction

Is it rude to correct a cis-hetero teacher teaching a lesson about Sex Ed and not including LGBT+ relationships and sex – as a trainee?

Does everyone use so many tissues in my Professional Tutor’s office?


Reading my chapter back (written over a year ago, the publishing game is a long one), it strikes me how raw some of the experiences are – and, as I read the other contributors’ chapters, how similar our themes are.


“Miss, are you a lesbian?” Becoming Bisexual

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