TAM’s Journey – An Adventure – Emotional Wellbeing and Behaviour

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To find out more about the books and order yours, go here – https://tams-journey.myshopify.com/“As we move into an Era of increased awareness of our Emotional wellbeing and the impact on ourselves and society as a whole, it becomes clear that more ways of encouraging children to manage their emotional state in a much more effective and understandable way is needed.” So states the Inside Out – Outreach Services for Young people.

One of the ways they are supporting their work is through their fabulous trilogy of books, TAM’s Journey. A journey that I am thoroughly pleased to be recommending as a useful resource for schools supporting wellbeing and behaviour in Early Years and Primary.

TAM’s journey, by Amanda Peddle @amandapeddle69, is a set of books that introduces the Physiological process as part of a Journey of discovery for TAM and his new friend Hetty.

As I read them, my first thought was why did no one teach ME this?!  My second thought was – and how could I get this book in front of the teenagers I work with…?!

The images and stories make the content easily accessible – it feels like an adventure, not a psychology lesson.

As a teacher of SEMH and ADHD pupils I found lots of scope for using this in the classroom – as a class reader, with individuals, and as a bouncing post for activities that look at how we can manage ourselves, what’s normal and how our emotions affect us.

For the ultimate test, I gave the books to a 6-year-old friend, who I know sometimes gets unstuck with the experience of anger…he was absorbed – as you can see from this quick snap his parent got. He read swiftly from one book to another engrossed in the journey – then was able to discuss the main topics in a way that worked for them.

“My favourite part was the brain part because the fact is it is amazing! I feel like that sometimes and it made me feel like I wasn’t the odd one out.” – Alfie, aged 6yrs.

“Teaching Children and Young People the ‘how and why’ of emotions can remove stigma and calm some of the worry around reactions, by sharing a learning experience like a story they can develop their understanding of why we as a species respond to stimulus the way we do. This leads a greater self awareness and in turn an opportunity to challenge some of those reactions.”


To find out more about the books and order yours, go here – https://tams-journey.myshopify.com/

*I am not an affiliate and will not receive any funds if you buy the books- I’m blowing the trumpet for resources I believe in!*


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