#TinyVoiceTalks -Interview with Toria Bono

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How do we include all of our pupils – the ones from minority groups, the ones with disadvantages to learning even before they step into your classroom?

I thoroughly enjoyed this in depth conversation with Toria Bono @Toriaclaire on her #TinyVoiceTalks Podcast. We meandered through many topics which ultimately brought us back around to how we ensure our education system is inclusive for all of our pupils…

“The way you approach behaviour, and the way it works for you is going to be totally different to the way it works for you – tht’s OK and that’s allowed.”

Some of the topics discussed:

  • Falling in love with a woman for the first time aged 27yrs – and how that affected Adele’s teaching
  • Being in a majority group and a minority group, and how lived experience affects our perspective for others
  • Pupils with behaviour needs and SEMH as a minority – often misunderstood – group in our schools
  •  How different teachers approach behaviour in different ways – and why that is necessary for authenticity and building relationships

“My behaviour management is now aligned with my values…sometimes, if you’re handed a ‘here’s what to do in this circumstance’ this can become curtailing to who you are as a person and the way you can teach.”

Approx listening time – 58mins


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