What to do when a pupil swears at you

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A kid has just sworn at you.

What do you do?!

It all depends on the context of the swearing, the school and the young person…

Jump over to Independent Thinking’s new CPD jukebox to find my 5min video detailing exactly what you can do (Mine’s A4. On the top row) :

  • When it’s a school refusing pupil doing the swearing
  • When it’s being said to rial you
  • When it’s being said to get laughs from others
  • When it comes up in a text you’re studying
  • How to use it to help extend their vocabulary
  • To find out what’s behind the language – and what that might mean for the child and your teaching

In addition to this, you’ll find other helpful CPD Jukebox questions and answers from some top Teachers and Education professionals such as –

How can I avoid some children being ‘written off’? – with Hali Hughes

How can I engage a difficult group of students and keep them engaged? – with Dave Keeling

As a teacher in mainstream school, what can I learn from colleagues in special schools? – with Jarlath O’Brien

Click here to play with the CPD Jukebox

To book me for your own CPD training (that’s longer than 5mins) contact me here.


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