A free, easy tool to support wellbeing AND academic progress (during lockdown, transition AND in the classroom)

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Whilst writing a chapter for my book I found myself getting all re-excited about one of my favourite classroom practices.

One that is free, can help you build relationships, can prepare pupils for exams, can work with any year group (once they can pick up a pen), can be adapted for foreign learners, SEND, different subjects…

Free Writing. 

My original enthuse about Free Writing is in a blog here.

Randomly also available in Portuguese (!).

In this blog, I outline exactly what Free Writing is, how you can use it in your classroom, how you can adapt it for different settings and how it can be used as part of the curriculum which is useful when explaining to your line managers.

But the reason I got re-excited about it now, was because I realised just how adaptable it is. We have pupils (and staff) in very strange learning situations now and transitioning into more strange, unknown ways of education. Free Writing can sit alongside this as a tool to support mental health, wellbeing AND get the pupils back into the swing of school work, writing, remembering, thinking and producing.

Take a look at the vlog for more:


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