Behaviour and Staff Wellbeing

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Managing behaviour that challenges you and retaining your own and other staff’s wellbeing?

This month I was interviewed on The Pursuit of Wellbeing Podcast, the podcast dedicated to the wellbeing of teachers, school leaders, and staff with Maria Bronsan @MariaBrosnan.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we explore –

  • How teacher wellbeing is affected by poor pupil behaviour.
  • What teachers can do for themselves, especially in setting and holding healthy boundaries.
  • How to create the infrastructure and support for teachers around behaviour.
  • Dealing with challenging behaviour and wellbeing post-lockdown.
  • Allowing more time and space in the classroom to help pupils dealing with trauma to feel safe.
  • How and when to manage your own self-care. (Hint: It’s not going to change unless you change something.)
  • Knowing your own triggers (so your students don’t trigger them.)
  • Adele’s ‘magic bullet’ in managing behaviour using a free, easy tool.

And much more!

Listen here, running time 35mins approx.

Or if you would prefer to listen to it on PodBean, see the other episodes in the series and subscribe, visit:

Want some help for you and your staff around behaviour?

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