“Inspiring workshop that has directly affected my planning and teaching. I am now thinking very differently than I did before this session. It really is a case of needing to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand their issues. Thank you.” – Teacher Participant 2018

This month I led my workshop Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom at Practical Pedagogies 2018 in Cologne. It was a moving afternoon, with many countries represented in the room and participants identifying direct action to take in their schools. This blog shares participants’ feedback, more info about the workshop and how to book it for your school.

“The teaching approach set a perfect atmosphere for the subject” – Teacher Participant 2018

“I will be looking far more critically at my school to make equality active – NOT neutral” – Teacher Participant 2018

“Adele – the workshop leader- was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the subject matter. Very informative.” – Teacher Participant 2018

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Classroom Workshop

Whole School or small group training for schools

All students need to feel safe and included in schools before they can think about algebra, Dickens quotes or daring to put their hand up. This workshop examines what can make a student feel excluded in your subject, in your classroom, and how that can affect their learning: whether that’s mental health issues, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, language difficulties, cultural differences, racial exclusion, young carer responsibilities, LGBT+ awareness – or other aspects that you have experienced in your teaching.

Through interactive activities, scenarios, practical resources and discussions you will get a chance to learn how best to make your learning environment safe and inclusive for all your students – and importantly, how this will improve their participation and learning from your very next lesson… Suitable for all teaching staff in all types of schools.

To find out more about my workshops click here.

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