I was recently asked to write on this topic for Optimus Education.

The opening extract is below, you can read the full article here.

They have now opened their other resources suitable for Covid19 Lockdown for free and you can access them here.

This also reminded me of my *teaching in Finland* last year. One lesson was a humbling experience, that despite 17yrs + of teaching experience, and being a Behaviour and Education Specialist – if you don’t stick to your own guidelines – and take for granted that everyone speaks your language, it can go horribly wrong!

My vlog on this, Behaviour management when it’s not your class (and they don’t all speak your language!), that includes my epic fail as well as tips on how to do better, is here.


I once arrived in September to a new timetable, by the Thursday of the first week I was slowly getting into the swing of it. Friday period 1 I sat down to my first PPA of the year when my HOD rushed over – “Adele, why aren’t you with year 7?!” I got my timetable out, I was right, the year 7s were nowhere to be seen…turns out there’d been a mistake, and oh, can you start teaching them 5 minutes ago.. I had no idea how many there would be, what I was supposed to teach them or who they were.

Supply teaching, NQTs, trainees, cover supervisors, Covid19 lockdown rotas and ‘oh, Sue’s away – can you just cover her year 9s period 4?’…throughout our teaching careers there are many times that we will be required to cover classes and teach lessons that we may have had little or no time to prepare for.

You can read the full article here.

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