Observations, parents’ emails, book scrutinies, lack of resources and funds, Ofsted, inconsistent policies, curriculum shifts with each new politician…

…staying relevant, league tables, keeping up with new theory and pedagogy, balancing the books, data, managing staff, sustaining reputations, being motivational,embracing technology, taking responsibility…

…the list of challenges within education is endless –

And there are those students who you could swear want to sabotage it all.

The services I offer support these students with Emotional Behaviour Difficulties and those who work with them; those who are perhaps struggling day-to-day with behaviour, or those who need a fresh vision to moving forward.

I offer practical, step-by-step actions that are doable and easy to implement.

I work with these students because I choose to; I know what it’s like to be on the front-line – and I enjoy it – which means I also love to help motivate others to do the best they can for these students too.

One-to-One Behaviour Consultation


Teaching Resources

Workshops & Keynotes

Adele acted as an education consultant for us, when we were planning a site specific reading intervention for young people in Years 10/11. Before the consultation we lacked clarity around the expectations of the National Curriculum and also how to pitch this sort of project to young people for whom reading was a challenge.consultation.  Adele had some great ideas, after we were much more confident about how to deliver the project.

Sarah Hutchings - Director, Collected Works CIC

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