Adele Bates

Teacher, speaker, writer and educator
for students with Emotional
and Behavioural Difficulties.


My vision for education is one in which all differences are included and welcomed; education is flexible, relevant and leads towards positive social change.

About Adele

Behaviour and Education Specialist

I am a teacher, speaker, writer and educator for students with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties. With over 17 years’ experience, I teach these pupils in a variety of educational settings, train others to do so – in schools, universities and conferences, and advise on whole school approaches to supporting these students.

“Adele has an expert knowledge, her inclusive and aspirational practice has supported pupils with SEMH needs to make good progress because they are motivated and secure in their learning”

Louise Zahra

School Intervention Team Manager | Families, Children and Learning (Education Standards and Achievement) | Brighton and Hove City Council

“Adele fosters a safe, fun environment for students with SEMH; she has delivered high quality training to all staff – which had very positive feedback.  Adele has promoted literacy activities across the Alternative Provision school including photo opportunities, extended writing competitions, staff reading and school trips for our students.”

Louise Cook

Executive Headteacher | The Central Hub

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